Our jewel always need your care with love. 

  • We recommend to clean your jewelry with warm water and mild soap every week to remove the skin oils and dirt. 
  • Keep scents, lotions, sprays and other chemicals away from your jewelry. These acidic and harsh ingredients may affect the wear of your jewelry.
  • Remove your jewelry before shower, hot tub, pools, intense work out and the ocean.
  • Gold filled jewelry does not tarnish, but it might oxidize over time. Constantly wearing them to shower or clean them will keep your jewelry from oxide build-up. If your jewelry has not been worn for a period of time and you find it not as shiny as it was, wipe it with a jewelry polishing cloth will bring it back.
  • We recommend  taking off your pearl jewelry before showering and swimming to maintain its luster. Constant exposure to chlorine in water will damage the pearl surface. Similarly chemical substances in perfumes, cosmetics and hairspray will eat holes in the pearl nacre. Put on your pearl jewelry last after your normal skincare and makeup routine.
  • For gold plated or gold vermeil, gently wipe to clean and keep it from water.
  • After wearing, gently wipe skin oils off from the piece with a soft cloth.